We have generated this quiz based on our own parenting quiz and for you to join in the fun and stand a chance to win! (Who doesn’t love a prize?)

These questions will reveal what type of Mom you are!

Mostly A’s

You’re a real cool Mom

Ok, we see you with your shades on! When other kids are in trouble, every kid wishes they had you as their Mom. You know how to throw a cool party, your snacks are always on point and without convincing, you’re always up for something fun! Plus, athleisure, really is your style!

Mostly B’s

Pinterest Mom

You go, glen coco! Most Moms are green with envy in your organisation skills! You love to DIY any cool party decorations; you create fun activity packs for your kids, and organisation is your number one hobby! A hot cup of tea or coffee is a must before your morning starts!

Mostly C’s

Calm and collected Mom

You don’t let the small stuff worry you and know how to avoid any type of conflict. Your kids always have something on, but Granny and Grandpa love helping with the kids, so you can enjoy a girl’s or date night every so often!

Mostly D’s

Hot Mess Mom

There’s no better way to describe you than a complete hot mess! When you think everything is on track, someone forgets to pack something. You love a good take-away during a week night, because who has time to cook anyway? You love your kids, and you live life to the fullest!