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Girl Power

Hi Everyone

This month we celebrate Woman’s month and Girl Power. In a company run by women it is really important to stop and acknowledge how awesome we are:-)

Every single process from conceptualizing to completion is touched by one of the beautiful Poogy Bear Women. Our ladies Amy, Alonna, Rose, Angela , Patience and myself all have an integral part to play in the life of a Poogy Bear garment. We all take pride and pleasure in creating something that will bring joy and comfort to someone special.

All of the ladies are significant providers to their families and contributors to the economy, and it is my hope that we may further inspire young girls. It gives me great pride to watch these skillful ladies complete their tasks everyday, adhering a delicate touch and passion to the manufacture of each item they make.

So it is not only this month, but every day that I salute the women in my company as well as the rest of South Africa who contribute to our beautiful Rainbow Nation.

“Who run the world…GIRLS” Beyonce