2-Piece Essential Swaddling Blanket Set Playful Grey Whales


Essential Swaddling Blanket Set

Our beautiful four-way stretch 100% cotton swaddling blankets are absolutely perfect for swaddling your newborn baby nice and snug, yet they are still able to move around whilst feeling nice and secure. What is so great about having two in the set is that you can have one over the pram or one in the wash, and the other one swaddling your baby. This makes for a really great baby shower option, or to match with the rest of the Grey Whale accessories.

Fabric We Use

100% Cotton Interlock with a lovely 4-way stretch

Organic Dye has been used on this fabric

This fabric has been locally manufactured & printed in South Africa

Sizes Available

One size, two in a pack

Size is roughly 65cm x 100cm

Care Instructions

Wash the blankets in a cool wash cycle, and to iron on a low heat if necessary.

Do not bleach or tumble dry.

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Essential Swaddling Blanket Set Playful Grey Whales

Sizes Available One Size 90cm x 65cm


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