Steph’s Blog

Launching a new Range

Hi to everyone who doesn’t know me, I am Stephanie Grant and Poogy Bear is my baby:-) Along with Amy Van Huyssteen (who is my right hand woman) we are Poogy Bear.

I started the company 9 years ago with zero knowledge and 100% passion. Over the years we have grown and learnt so much about our product and the customers that we love.

Launching a new range comes with so many emotions, excitement, fear, stress, elation and so the list goes on. I always tell people it is like standing naked in front of a crowd and asking them ” So what do you think?” When every design decision, colour selection, zip style etc. is your choice there is a lot of pressure to get it right. The same happens when you launch a new range, months of hard work and input all culminate in that moment when you launch and ask “So what do you think?”

The time frame involved in designing a new range normally spans over a few months. Initial stages start with research, designing, looking at available fabrics as well as designing our own prints for fabrics. For example we started thinking about this range in November/ December. Once we have a couple of ideas and have sourced some fabrics we start with sampling. I am incredibly blessed to have an amazing team of ladies in my factory who are not only talented but also contribute ideas on what will work best for a garment. Once we have a rough idea of the samples we will normally try them on my daughter Sophie (18 months) to check for fit and comfort. Each garment is then approved and patterns are made for each style and size. All of this needs to be time sensitive as a lot of our fabric is woven locally and requires a few weeks to be manufactured, we then also need to allow time for it to be printed. Once all of this has happened we then do stock photography and our lifestyle shoot with our little models and create our catalogue as well as doing the back end of the website and all social media. In the meantime the ladies in my factory are madly sewing, ironing, cleaning, packing and tagging our Poogy Bear goodies so that they can be ready for you the end customer:-)

After all of the hard work I am so pleased with what we have come up with and I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of the new range.

Incredibly big thanks to the team Amy, Alonna, Angela, Makanaka, Rose, Patience, Lara as well as my family Dave, mum and dad for always supporting me.